About David

David StewartDavid Stewart began playing the piano as a very young child. He received his Bachelors Degree in music from the renowned Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in 1965 and furthered his studies at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Through the years he has played with – and for – many groups.

David notes, “A musician has to satisfy, even delight, the audience. There must be an emotional connection.” David’s performances demonstrate his love for music and entertaining.

David has taught music theory, composition, and electronic music at the university level (Eastern Michigan University, Kent State University, and Oberlin Conservatory). He is currently the music director at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Clawson, Michigan.

An active composer, David’s keyboard, choral, and orchestral works are widely performed. His “Cindy, O Cindy” – Variations on an Appalachian Civil War Folksong for orchestra and chorus was recently recorded by the Kyiv Symphony with the Ukrainian National Chorus. (Learn more about David's composing career.)

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